Robyn Hitchcock Discography


Rout Of The Clones

Rout Of The Clones

The Soft Boys
Released in 1995

CD: FEG 002

Track listing:

1. Blues In The Dark
2. Bells Of Rhymney
3. Sandra's Having Her Brane Out
4. The Pigworker
5. School Dinner Blues
6. Cold Turkey
7. Leppo & The Jooves
8. Have A Heart Betty
9. I Like Bananas
10. Wading Through A Ventilator
11. The Rat's Prayer
12. Give It To The Soft Boys
13. Hear My Brane
14. Return Of The Sacred Crab
15. Mystery Train
16. Muriel's Hoof / Rout Of The Clones
17. (I Want To Be An) Anglepoise Lamp
18. Poor Will & The Jolly Hangman

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