Robyn Hitchcock Discography




Robyn Hitchcock
Released in 2004

CD: Yep Roc YEP 2086

advance promo (U.S.); in plain jewel case; no cover art with release

Track listing:

1. Television  06:22
2. If You Know Time  03:32
3. Everybody Needs Love  03:17
4. English Girl  03:21
5. Demons and Fiends  02:14
6. Creeped Out  03:15
7. Sometimes A Blonde  04:53
8. We're Gonna Live In the Trees  03:24
9. Tryin' To Get To Heaven Before They Close the Door  06:00
10. Full Moon In My Soul  03:02
11. Welcome To Earth  00:49
12. Flanagan's Song  04:39

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