Robyn Hitchcock... Gigography

Robyn Hitchcock
Concert appearance: Fri., 16 June 2000

Bottom Line
New York, New York US
Set 2

Set list:

Cynthia Mask
Victorian Squid
When I Was Dead
New Age (Velvet Underground)
Viva! Sea-Tac
Raymond Chandler Evening
Old Brown Shoe (George Harrison)
Dark Princess
Chinese Bones
Hanging Moose
No, I Don't Remember Guildford
My Mind is Connectedů
Insect Mother
The Yip Song
Encore: Chapter 24 (Pink Floyd) (piano)
Encore: I Used to Love You (piano)
Encore: Ride

Hello, Fegs! I've been away from the list for a long time since I became a Bill Bruford fanatic last fall and so I've become a Crim-head. However I still make time for Wire, Sex Pistols, XTC, Lloyd Cole, and Robyn. I see the list is still full of off-topic posts.

Robyn Hitchcock solo
The Bottom Line, NYC
Friday, June 16, 2000 (late show)
opening act: Sheila Nicholls
went by myself, sat next to some very nice women from New Haven at the audience right-hand side of the room, right on the stage (after some old **** nastily asked me not to sit in front of her)

Very exciting show, much different than the shows that pre-dated
Storefront and Jewels for Sophia.

Robyn wore a brown shirt with very large (2" diameter) polka dots.
He also had on two pairs of glasses, one pair of reading glasses and
another pair of sunglasses that he kept taking off and putting on
during the show. He kept consulting a tiny piece of paper before
each song, presumably a set list, and he complained each time that he
couldn't read the tiny print. [He only played acoustic, no electric onstage.]

He continually shook his head, closed his eyes, and bobbed back and
forth at the mike, as captured in "Storefront Hitchcock." At times he seem to degenerate into a self-parody, then he'd subtly indicate he was completely aware of his odd behavior.

Many songs I had not heard live before. [Also, I did not know Robyn played the piano.]

Afterwards I hung around and waited for him to come out to sign
autographs. I started chatting with other Hitchcock [fans] and they
gave me some bootleg CD's that some guy had burned and left for any
and all to take! These included the Bowery Ballroom show that I
attended last November! [So thanks to that dude who provided the free discs! You da man! However the set list for the Bowery Ballroom show was incorrect.]

I did get Robyn's autograph but it was a completely anonymous exchange due to [unknown reasons]. Robyn was clearly tired and in a hurry to get over to his family and pals sitting around the bar. He signed his name as "Roby H."; that's how tired he was. Left at 1:30 am.

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