Robyn Hitchcock... Gigography

The Soft Boys
In-Store appearance: Sun., 3 Nov. 2002

Amoeba Records
San Francisco, California US

Set list:

I Love Lucy
Pulse Of My Heart
Mr. Kennedy
Unprotected Love
My Mind is Connectedů
Queen of Eyes
Kingdom of Love
Vegetable Man (Syd Barrett)
Sudden Town

From Mike K.
Soft Boys' Amoeba Music in-store appearance, Haight Street, San Francisco, Nov. 2 2002. A *dynamite* show - quite possibly the best electric set I've heard from RH and/or the boys in 15 years! The boys were exceptionally energetic - with Robyn & Kimberley both breaking strings during the set. Vocal harmonies and all instrument performances were spot-on, too.

Morris, during set up: "The bird sings with it's fingers, the bird sings with it's fingers." I've never heard Morris say anything before, but apparently he's quite a character as well.

1. I Love Lucy

Robyn: "That was the sound check. This is the sound."

2. Pulse Of My Heart
3. Mr. Kennedy
4. Unprotected Love (Robyn breaks string.)

Morris, during string change: "I once had a good panic attack on Haight Street." Somehow leads to banter back and forth between Morris, Robyn, and the audience over whether a music venue being closed down means that Pere Ubu never played there. (They concluded it doesn't.)

Robyn: "We apologize for making a new record, because that messes with the legend."

5. Mind Is Connected (with part of the bassline played by plucking the string and then turning the tuning pegs rather than fretting the notes - neat!)

Robyn: "This is dedicated to us when we were much younger - and you, if you want to feel that way."

6. Queen Of Eyes
7. Kingdom Of Love (Kimberley breaks string in middle, but gets through second half of song with flying colors anyway.)
8. The Man With The Lightbulb Head

Robyn: "No Soft Boys appearance would be complete without a song from our original sponsor, Syd Barrett. He was in school with us all, but we never saw him, because he was already gone. It's amazing what you can learn from somebody's absence."

8. Vegetable Man (with Robyn doing an excellent Johnny Rotten imitation in the middle: "It's-a wot I WEAR! It's-a wot you SEE! It-a must be ME! It's-a wot I AM!")

Robyn: We're going to play one more song, then we have to sit in a dark room for 5 minutes and then they want us to come out and sign things for you. But we can't make eye contact... this is for your protection as well as ours."

9. Sudden Town

End of set.

I got Robyn's autograph my I Often Dream Of Trains CD, and all four of them on Underwater Moonlight! Full sized images of my newest prized possessions at and, and also added to the Robynhitchcockclub@yahoogroups photo section.

Me: "I've been a huge fan of yours for twenty years."
Robyn: "Uh, that's a long time."
Me: "I first saw you at Irving Plaza in 1985."
Robyn: "That's a long time."

What a weekend!

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