Robyn Hitchcock... Gigography

Robyn Hitchcock
Concert appearance: Thu., 9 Oct. 2003

Morton Theatre
Atlanta, Georgia US
WUGA benefit: early show (7:30 pm)

Set list:

I Got the Hots
One L
Arms of Love
I Saw Nick Drake

Well, Robyn played two all-acoustic shows in Athens last night. The first
was as headliner for a public radio benefit for the Athens station. Four
(or so) songs long, with the highlights being a great version of Arms of
Love and Michele.

The second gig was down to the 40 Watt as part of the forth annual Tour de
Sprawl. I've got to admit that was the first time seeing Robyn with a rap
group as the opening act...

The set was long-ish with two encores and deviated greatly from the posted
set list. Omissions? The Yip Song and everything from Luxor. Four or
five new songs, and while I'm completely shattered right now and on the
verge of falling asleep, what I remember of the set included Raymond
Chandler Evening, 1974, One Long Pair of Eyes, Strawberry Fields Forever,
Visions of Johanna, New Age, and the GLP-esque Sound & Vision/In Love w/a
Beautiful Woman (?) montage.

- -ferris.

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