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Robyn Hitchcock
Concert appearance: Fri., 31 Oct. 2003

Bottom Line
New York, New York US
Set 1

Set list:

I'm Only You
I Got The Hots
Balloon Man
Chinese Bones
The Ghost in You (Psychedelic Furs)
My Wife and My Dead Wife
When I Was Dead
She Said She Said (The Beatles)
You Remind Me Of You
No, I Don't Remember Guilford
Keep Finding Me
Uncorrected Personality Traits
Sleeping with Your Devil Mask
Full Moon In My Soul
Encore: You Want Me to Go
Encore: The Devil's Coachman
Encore: One Long Pair of Eyes

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going from memory on this right now.

one time at band camp, Danny said:

>First show - kind of a Halloweeny set

i had heard that robyn was relaxed and focused in somerville so i had
high hopes for the bottom line shows -- high hopes which were met and
exceeded. robyn was completely relaxed, focused and in the zone. i'm
normally not a big fan of the banter but it was crisp, fast and
extra-special weird without being self-conscious or irritating. i think
his voice was also sounding better than it had for a while. the sound
at the bottom line is usually very good but it seemed extra crystalline
on friday. the setlist was good, but it was the performance and focus
which made this show exemplary.

>I'm Only You

pretty gutsy starter even with less extensive guitar soloing than in
the recent past. i guess it makes sense to pull that out early before
the fingers tire but even so, you know it's a good sign when he nails
all that fancy fretwork.

>I've Got The Hots

surprisingly, got lots of chuckles from the audience. i guess it always
does but you'd think most people would know the song by now. some fun
audience participation with fingersnap percussion that i think cracked
robyn up a little.

>Balloon Man

introduced as "a new york song". one lyrics change to the pivotal line
of the song: "and it rained like MY slow divorce".

>Chinese Bones
>The Ghost in You
>My Wife and My Dead Wife
>When I Was Dead
>She Said She Said
>You Remind Me Of You
>I Don't Remember Guilford
>Keep Finding Me

i really like that song. just thought you should know.

>Uncorrected Personality Traits

accompanied by guitar. i think i remember him doing it this way before
but am not sure. tempo was faster with a rhythm guitar riff. pretty

>Devil Mask
>(all I can make out of the last one is) in my soul

a new catchy pop song. the chorus is "i've got a full moon in my soul".

>You Want Me to Go
>The Devil's Coachman
>One Long Pair of Eyes

>Second show, I'm very glad I stayed for this!

somewhat more intriguing setlist but fatigue had set in for both
performer and audience. a less focused show though still good. the
highs may have been higher but, overall, a more elusive show.

>Mexican God
>Brenda's Iron Sledge

totally unexepcted. i didn't even think this song was possible without
the egyptians. amusingly, it morphed into "funky town" at the end. not
sure if that was impromptu or planned though. it could easily be either.


preceeded by a long rant about victorian beach culture and how it lead
to the likes of pauly shore. little improv about chryssie hynde in the
lead-up to the "he never make love to a loaf of bread" bridge.

>Painkiller's Song (is this new?)

yeah, i think so. rather a downer.

>I've Got A Message For You

pretty standard rendition, complete with the jimmy dean voice at the
end (that is jimmy dean, right?)

>More Than This
>De Chirico Street
>The Sound Of Sound
>(velvet underground tune)

"new age"

>Beautiful Girl
>Queen Elvis
>Madonna Of the Wasps
>52 Stations
>Goodnight I Say

very cool rendition. quite different guitar part than on the album.

>She Doesnt Exist

on piano!

>Main Thing
>(incredible string band tune for David Bowie)

all in all, well worth the effort to get to. as always, nice to see the
fegs in attendance. sorry nick. no pictures were taken.


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