Robyn Hitchcock... Gigography

Robyn Hitchcock Jon Brion, Grant Lee Phillips, Ethan Johns, David Garza
Concert appearance: Sat., 22 Nov. 2003

West Hollywood, California US
Set 2

Set list:

The Main Thing (Roxy Music)
Take A Chance With Me (Roxy Music)
To Turn You On (Roxy Music)
True To Life (Roxy Music)
Degrees of Nice
W Sucks (But Rumseld Is the Anti-Christ)
We're Bad People, We're Just Freaks
Hey Bulldog (The Beatles)
You Know My Name (Look Up My Number) (The Beatles)
How Do You Sleep? (John Lennon)
The Ocean (Velvet Underground)
Sound & Vision (David Bowie)
Rock Me Baby (George McCrea)
When You're in Love With a Beautiful Woman (Dr. Hook)

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