Robyn Hitchcock... Gigography

Robyn Hitchcock
Television appearance: Fri., 10 May 2002

Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn
Los Angeles, California US

Set list:

My Mind is Connectedů

First off I thought Robyn's voice sounded a little rough, was it just me?

Did anyone else think it odd that The Soft Boys CD was promoted instead of
Robyn Sings?

Lastly was I the only one annoyed/surprised by the fact that he did a lame
comedy bit with the guy from Ed instead of a brief chat with Robyn?

Is it me or do the commercials on the kilborn show point to a mostly female
demographic? I am not used to seeing so many cleaning product and general
scented product commercials on one show.

Not a fan of The Craiggers in the least,


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