Robyn Hitchcock... Gigography

Robyn Hitchcock w/ Morris Windsor
Concert appearance: Thu., 9 Dec. 2004

Arts Center
Norwich, England UK
setlist approximate, possibly incomplete

Set list:

Clean Steve
I Got the Hots
Creeped Out
Alright, Yeah
Globe of Frogs
Victorian Squid
My Wife and My Dead Wife
Chinese Bones
Stayin' Alive (Bee Gees) medley
Listening to the Higsons medley
Madonna of the Wasps
Rock Your Baby (George McCrea) medley
When You're In Love With a Beautiful Woman (Dr. Hook) medley
Sound and Vision (David Bowie) medley
Surf's Up (The Beach Boys)
Full Moon In My Soul
Encore: Famine (Sinead O'Connor)
Encore: Louie Louie (The Kingsmen)
Encore: Dominoes (Syd Barrett)
Encore: Birds in Perspex

We thought we'd go up to Norwich for a change (we live in the music
wasteland of north Essex and usually go down to London for our live music
fix/es). And wasn't it a change?! The Arts Centre is small, cool - and as
un-London-like as it gets. We'd pre-booked by phone as soon as we knew the
gig was on - wandered in to pick up the tickets and there was Robyn in the
foyer scribbling out something on a poster, we said hello and exited to the pub.

Got back an hour or so later. We sat out the support in the bar I'm afraid
so nothing to report there. Then wandered out into the hall. Yep, a real
ex-church hall. Robyn later said that the last time he/they'd played there
was 15 years back (and was glad to see that his name hadn't been
added to the tombstones). We nabbed front row.

Very small venue. Only 80 seats. At only a bit more than 10 quid a
head (jeeze, what's the booking charge for RH nowadays??!).

Robyn appears from the back... and away we go...
After 4 or 5 Morris joins on stand-up drums and shakers
I've probably forgotten a few songs - and the order is almost
wrong but, from memory, it went roughly like this...

Clean Steve
I got the hots
Creeped out
Alright, yeah
Globe of frogs
Victorian squid
My wife and my dead wife
Chinese bones
Stayin alive >
Listening to the Higsons ["...but I prefer East Grinstead - nothing
Madonna of the wasps
Rock me baby >
When you're in love with a beautiful woman [unamplified, wandering
around the hall] >
Sound and vision
Surf's up [Morris solo, while Robyn sprints to the bar!]
Full moon in my soul

Louie Louie [!]
Birds in perspex


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