Robyn Hitchcock... Gigography

Robyn Hitchcock
In-Store appearance: Mon., 8 Nov. 2004

Music Saves
Cleveland, Ohio US
Set 1
7 pm; setlist approximate, incomplete

Set list:

Bones In the Ground
W Sucks

Robyn appeared, a little later than the 7pm advertised in-store, but we were glad to see him of course, at any time. He unpacked a slightly worn Fylde and fiddled around with tuning. He then asked what we wanted to hear. The dozen or so people there seemed perhaps a little surprised, and no one chimed in right away. So I asked for The Bones In The Ground, a fairly rare tune, not very often in Robyn's setlists(!). He said he'd have to see if he remembered how to play it. He did, after a few moments of finger-wiggling. I was certainly impressed, as that was sort of our joke request; also that he could remember it--a 20-odd year old bonus track. Wow! He also sang the one with the chorus, "W sucks, but Rumsfeld is the antichirst." Then I think 1974. And some more. Brian certainly knows what, since he taped it, with Robyn's kind permission. We were only about 3 feet away from him (neon green jeans, black t-shirt, neon yellow shirt, sort of a Jewels For Sophia ensemble), so when it was time to sign things, we were there first. My Can Of Bees insert now has his name in silver and black Sharpie. Then we talked about the music business and his future plans. --Christopher H.

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