Robyn Hitchcock... Gigography

Robyn Hitchcock
Concert appearance: Wed., 27 Oct. 2004

New York, New York US

Set list:

Ole Tarantula
I Got The Hots
Only The Stones Remain
You Remind Me Of You
All La Glory (The Band)
When I Was Dead
My Wife And My Dead Wife
She Doesn't Exist
Cheese Alarm
I Saw Nick Drake
Full Moon In My Soul
Encore: Raymond Chandler Evening
Encore: Solpadeine

Last night (10/27/04) Robyn played a largely unadvertised show at
Sin-e, a very small music venue adjacent to a bar of the same name in
(on) New York's Lower East Side. First, I can say they've really pushed
the boundaries and borders of the "scene" down there. As little as five
years ago, the only reason most people would have ventured to Attorney
& Stanton St. after dark would be to buy heroin or get mugged. It's
rather different now. A pretty nice place with a friendly staff (not
the usual LES pretense), they seem to run a schedule better than most,
which you could say is good that we weren't waiting, but made for a
pretty short show. I would put the crowd at about 65-75 tops.
I didn't write down a setlist, but I remember at least a few of the
tunes. He opened with "I Got the Hots..." and then "Only the Stones..."
I always appreciate the Soft Boys material, and he did them quite well
as solo acoustic guitar/harmonica editions. A few others were: "I Saw
Nick Drake", "Cheese Alarm", "You Remind Me of You", and a real
highlight for me, "When I Was Dead". Has anybody heard an alt. country
band called "50 Cent Haircut" do this tune? Absolutely priceless. He
finished the set with "Full Moon in My Soul", which I think, was the
only song from the new album. He played a quick encore on solo electric
guitar. I can't remember the first of the two, but he abruptly finished
with "Solpadeine". That schedule thing. No cover songs last night. He
may well have come back on and played with the following bands, but I
left when he finished. Anybody else there?

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