Robyn Hitchcock... Gigography

Robyn Hitchcock
In-Store appearance: Fri., 29 Oct. 2004

Waterloo Records
Austin, Texas US
5:10 pm

Set list:

Chinese Bones
Creeped Out
English Girl
Happiness Is A Warm Gun (The Beatles)
The Speed Of Things
Sleeping With Your Devil Mask
Full Moon in My Soul

Just got back from the instore at Waterloo Records here in Austin... a
fantastic short set -- anyone else chime in if I've missed something (it
feels like I have), and order is not guaranteed:

Chinese Bones
The Speed Of Things
Creeped Out
English Girl
Sleeping With Your Devil Mask
Happiness is a Warm Gun (he shied away from the high note on 'gun' near the
Full Moon in My Soul

He'd just done a radio appearance on KGSR which may be available at some
point on their website. I've no idea what he played during that. He was in
good voice and his guitar playing is fascinating to watch. He seems to take
pains to make the playing look good as well as sound good. He had his
harmonica nearby but didn't use it. He did the troubadour look of white
collarless shirt, black vest and drawstring pants.

Contrary to people's impressions of his mood at the 'secret' NY gig and at
other times, Robyn seemed fairly at ease and affable to me. He stayed to
sign things and talk to people afterward, and as I looked on he seemed
friendly and patient. I don't really like to participate in the 'fan'
thing, though his music means a lot to me and I wish him the very best --
it'd be nice to somehow have an actual conversation with him in a situation
that wasn't defined by his being a performer, but I'm not waiting for that
to happen.

Looking forward to tomorrow at the Cactus...


I haven't had much of a chance to post about my experience at the
Austin show. I was late for the Waterloo appearance, which means
that without the great people who upload this stuff on the web, I
missed it entirely. I did get to meet him. I was last in line,
though others stayed.

I said, "I've been a fan since '86."
Robyn: "Me, too."

He was smiling and very funny. It reminded me of the way he was
in '89 on the acouustic tour for "Eye." Literally at the top of his
game. The gig the following night at the Cactus was spellbindingly
perfect. I couldn't have asked for a better seat for a better show.

Audience member: "Nice Shirt"
Robyn: "Shame about the world."


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