Robyn Hitchcock... Gigography

Robyn Hitchcock
Concert appearance: Sun., 13 Mar. 2005

Club Congress
Tucson, Arizona US

Set list:

Soundcheck: Happiness is a Warm Gun (The Beatles)
Soundcheck: Cynthia Mask
Soundcheck: She Belongs to Me (Bob Dylan)
Soundcheck: Speed of Things
Soundcheck: Adventure Rocket Ship
Soundcheck: Ghost Ship
Soundcheck: Queen of Eyes
Soundcheck: I Am Not Me {excerpt}
Soundcheck: The Leopard
Soundcheck: Freeze
Ole Tarantula
Devil's Coachman
I Got the Hots
Full Moon in My Soul
I Feel Beautiful
Autumn is Your Last Chance
Queen of Eyes
Adventure Rocket Ship
Encore: Rock Your Baby (George McCrea) acoustic medley in audience
Encore: When You're In Love With A Beautiful Woman (Dr. Hook) acoustic medley in audience
Encore: Sound + Vision (David Bowie) acoustic medley in audience
Encore: Kung Fu Fighting (Carl Douglas) acoustic medley in audience
Encore: Flavour of Night on piano
Encore: Ted, Woody, & Junior on piano
Encore: Satellite of Love (Lou Reed) medley on piano
Encore: You Won't See Me (The Beatles) medley on piano
Encore: A Day in the Life (The Beatles) piano & guitar

I got there early enough to hear Robyn
do his sound check. He was wearing the brownish shirt with gladiolas on it,
in case that's the info you're looking for... He played:
Happiness is a Warm Gun (Beatles)
Cynthia Mask
She Belongs to Me (Dylan)
Speed of Things
Adventure Rocket Ship (new-ish)
Ghost Ship
Queen of Eyes
I Am Not Me (excerpt)
The Leopard

Club Congress was set up with tables and chairs tonight, a first, for all
the shows I've seen there. Robyn (now wearing his black & white polka dots
shirt) was in a very good mood, and in search of coffee quite a bit of the
evening (as he had been at the Largo, also). Here's the songs he played:
Ole Tarantula
Devil's Coachman
I've Got the Hots
Full Moon in My Soul
I Feel Beautiful
(switched to Telecaster)
Autumn is Your Last Chance
Queen of Eyes
Adventure Rocket Ship
Airscape--Robyn introduced this saying, "This is apparently my favorite
Robyn Hitchcock song."

(encore without a break, Robyn playing in the audience)
Rock Me Baby/Beautiful Woman/Sound & Vision/Kung Fu Fighting (Bowie/Carl

(Robyn then had the crowd join him in the hotel lobby around an old piano)
Flavour of Night
Ted, Woody, & Junior
Satellite of Love (Lou Reed)/with a bit of You Won't See Me (Beatles) at the

(Robyn asks everyone not to go away, and he ran back inside to get his
A Day in the Life (Beatles)--during the middle part, Robyn had an audience
member hold his guitar while he switched to the piano, then finished up on
the guitar, and hit the final chord on the piano

During the last two songs, the crowd joined in on the singing. I'm not sure
if Robyn knew it, but one of the people helping out was Neko Case. She was
next to me in the lobby and told me that she was in town recording her next

Overall, it was probably the best Hitchcock show I saw all week, and it was
a week of great shows. Wish it had been a bit longer, but I usually feel
that way even if the show is over 2 1/2 hours (tonight was only about 90

Robyn didn't really have a formal set list tonight, but more like a song
pool to pick from--he wrote two pages of songs titles and just picked as he
went along. Here is the entire list of possible selections (most of which
were not played tonight, remember--also, just for fun, I'm writing them as
Robyn had them noted):
Devils C
Speed of Things
C Bones
Q. Elvis
Full Moon in My
I Feel Beautiful
Wax Doll
Autumn Is Yr Last
Sometimes a Blonde
Idea of You
Cheese Alarm
Spanner Ralph
Sweet Mouth
Arms of Love
O.T. Stones
The Hots
Ole Tarantula
She Belongs to Me
Adventure Rocket Ship
Often Dream of Trains
I'm Only You
Cynthia Mask

Damn, some good stuff that got skipped there. I really wanted to see "Give
Me a Spanner, Ralph". That was twice this week he had it on a set list and
didn't play it.

Later, Marc

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