Robyn Hitchcock... Gigography

Robyn Hitchcock Deni Bonet
Concert appearance: Wed., 5 Apr. 1995

Toad's Place
New Haven, Connecticut US
Set 1

Set list:

Cynthia Mask
Shuffling Over the Flagstones
Man With A Woman's Shadow
De Chirico Street
Egyptian Cream
Sinister But She Was Happy
Devil's Coachman
I'm Only You
I Something You
Queen Elvis
The Yip Song
I Am Not Me
Autumn Is Your Last Chance
Never Stop Bleeding
Driving Aloud (Radio Storm)
Arms of Love
Encore: Direct Me to the Cheese
Encore: Heliotrope

So I DID go to the RH show at Toad's last night. It was grrrreat!
Well, actually, it was only pretty great.

I was going to meed a pile of feggers at Pepe's pizza, but got out of
work an hour late (meetings...). So I decided to go to meet them
late. Well, being from New Haven but not for a long time I decided to
follow BritPop's instructions in reverse... Silly me... After
driving aloud (oops, around) for half an hour I decided to just go to
Toad's. I got there in time to get ripped off for beer ($3 for a can
of RR!) and to catch both openers.

Deni wasn't awful, but not something I'd go out and buy. I really
didn't find the violin annoying (much).

The next band (what was their name?) was really good! After the show
I was downstairs preparing my recorder and I ran into them. They're
great people! They've got a video on MTV's 120 minutes a week from
Sunday with Fabio in it! Yow!

And Robyn poked his head out and looked at us. He looked upset and
later said that Mishy was sick, so he probably wasn't in a great

So Robyn came on, played accoustic. Here's the setlist 'near as I
remember. I recorded it too, but haven't gotten the list written yet.

Cynthia Mask
Shuffling Across The Flagstones (like Chinese Water Python)
Man With A Woman's Shadow
De Churico Street
Egyptian Cream
Sinister (?)
The Devil
I'm Only You
I Something You
Queen Elvis
The Yip Song

I'm Not Me (?)
Autumn Is Your Last Chance
Never Stop Bleeding
Driving Aloud
Arms of Love

Bring Me To The Cheese (?)
She Worships The Sun (?)

Deni played with him (violin) for many of these songs. I felt that
she added to lots to some (like Autumn) but really mutilated Dirving
Aloud. In fact, as good a song as it is, I think DA should be
reserved for Egyptians shows. It just doesn't sound good solo!

Some new songs, though. De Churico Street was great as was She
Worships... And it was great to hear Bleeding!

As for the Yip Song and I Something You being "bad" singles, let me
tell you about the girl sitting next to me. She just recently "got
into" Robyn because she thought "that Yip Song" was so great! And she
was crazy for "I Somehitng You" too! Perhaps they're not so bad after
all? Zippy little pop songs that stick in your mind are just what
makes people want to listen more!

And they handed around Robyn Rhino Reissue fliers. Just a souvenir to
those of us who know about the reissues, but cool nonetheless!

So is anyone going to Providence tonight?


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