Robyn Hitchcock... Gigography

Robyn Hitchcock
Concert appearance: Fri., 7 Mar. 1997

Rochester, New York US

Set list:

The Devil's Radio
De Chirico Street
Madonna of the Wasps
Balloon Man
I'm Only You
My Wife and My Dead Wife
Daisy Bomb
I Something You
I Am Not Me electric
The End (Doors)
You and Oblivion
Only the Stones Remain slow, folky with lots of harp
Queen of Eyes electric encore
I Often Dream of Trains
Listening to the Higsons
The Speed of Things
My Favourite Buildings acoustic encore

Length: 105

I think that what originally was intended to be a "Robyn Hitchcock 101
Primer" gig for the uninformed (Robyn has never, to my knowledge, played in
Rochester before) ended up being a great experience where the audience
surprised him and met him halfway.

The cones: About 25 of them when I walked in (I was the first to buy a
cone), only one left when i exited the building.

The clothes: Robyn wore a white shirt with black vest. Encore was the
white shirt with black polka dots.

The guitar: The blue telecaster was utilized.

Note: This was the first gig to feature the red lightbulb. Tell your
The red lightbulb screwed into the top of the green cone. It was rapturous.

The set: Easily 100min, maybe closer to 105.somewhere in the electric portion, Robyn started playing the chords for
"Went To See The Gypsy" by Dylan. It was just a tease tho, as he stopped
and switched to something more familiar.

The show started and ended with readings/ad-libs from the anthology "Great
Stories of Mystery and Suspense".

Like I said before, it started out as a routine "Here's some of my hits."
gig. But the audience really responded-----singing along to "Balloon" and
"Madonna", whooping during every guitar solo, dancing during some of the
later stuff, yelling out "We love you Robyn" after every song in the
encore. You could tell that Robyn was affected, and that the crowd was
too--there was very little talking (from the crowd i mean), even during the
longer stories.

Thanks be to god for the Dear Janes, who got Robyn to play "Daisy Bomb". I
desperately wanted to hear something new.

Dear Janes continue a tradition of fine opening bands for Robyn. I liked
their stuff. I really liked their sound (a big upright bass, an acoustic
guitar, and an electric guitar.)

That's all. its 3:45am. but i am buzzed on road caffeine, and gig vibes
and knew i must pound this out now, and then sleep.

I taped the show with my recently repaired Sony D6, I listened to bits here
and there, and it sounds very good. trades later??

Hope you enjoyed this review. Please keep those reviews coming. I've
REALLY enjoyed reading the ones so far. I want Knitting Factory epistles
from every one of you! :)

ps. this was the best robyn solo gig i've ever been to. -- Lobstie

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