Robyn Hitchcock... Gigography

Robyn Hitchcock with Andy Metcalfe & Tim Keegan
Concert appearance: Wed., 23 July 1997

12 Bar
London, England UK

Set list:

Cheese Alarm
The Devil's Coachman
Elizabeth Jade enter Tim
Jewels for Sophia
I'm Only You
The Yip Song
Lysander enter Andy
Vegetation & Dimes
Birds in Perspex
Madonna of the Wasps
Beautiful Queen

I went to the 12 Bar gig on Wednesday - I'll write up a review when I've
got a spare moment, but in the meantime here's some first impressions.
Firstly, I can't decide if the venue itself was a really cool place (not
literally - as anyone who's been there knows, it's got a capacity of about
60, yet they managed to get about 300 people in!) or just cramped and a
silly choice of building. It's got two floors, low ceilings, and a two
feet high stage... so those of us on the ground floor had a view of Robyn
neck down (unless you were lucky enough to be seated at the front),
while those upstairs must have only had a view of Robyn's head. The
poster outside the club described it as "intimate (which means the artists
have to perform with their heads poking through a hole in the first
floor)"... how we chuckled at that little 'pun'. Secondly, Tim Keegan was
very good... I was very impressed. Thirdly, Andy was very good (first
time I've seen him!). Robyn, although good, wasn't up to the same level
he was at the Boat Race. Less banter (although it was very entertaining),
and less improvisation. But then if I was playing in a venue the size of
my kitchen and the atmosphere of a sauna, I probably wouldn't be enjoying
it that much either. And the Boat Race gig was fantastic... I reckon it
must be one of his best. We did, however, get a few new songs (or songs
I've never heard before anyway)... Jewels For Sophia really stood out for
me, with Elizabeth Jade coming in a close second.

Hi kids...this is what I can remember of the 12-Bar show from last
Wednesday (23rd July):

The 12 Bar Club is very small. Seats maybe 100 people. Probably closer
to 75. Incredibly hot and humid. Robyn Hitchcock with Tim Keegan as

Tim's Set:
Tim had just gotten back from a holiday in Greece. He was looking
tanned and relaxed and jet-lagged. His set was something like:
-Indestructable (he sounds like friggin' Morrisey on this one...)
-The Shallow End
-Save Me From Happiness
seven other songs I don't remember

He was still a little nervous but he did do pretty well, I thought. Hard
to keep it all going sometimes.

Robyn's set list was something like this (not in order and probably
-Ring The Cheese Alarm (or whatever it's called-- it's hilarious!)
-The Devil's Coachman
-Jewels For Sophia (with Tim)
another new song with Tim
-I'm Only You
-The Yip Song

Then, much to our surprise, Andy Metcalfe came out! He had his acoustic
bass with him and he played for the rest of the show with Robyn:
-Vegetation & Dimes
-Birds in Perspex
-Madonna Of The Wasps

-Beautiful Queen

Good show, I thought. Lots of stuff I'd wanted to hear live, and I
wasn't at all disappointed. Despite the heat, there was lots of energy,
and it looked like they were all having a good time. Andy and Robyn had
an interesting little exchange about what kind of job would it be if you
were a person that had to stick insects on windscreens and motorcyclist's
goggles. Robyn reckoned they'd be pre-moistened, and Andy did a fair
approximation of the precision motion required to apply the insects.
"Insect Daubers" was the job title...

Other than that, the banter was at a bare minimum. It was too hot for
goofiness. The whole show lasted about three and a half hours.

New bit at the end of The Devil's Coachman:
"Yesterday I saw the Devil in our bed
I could have strangled him
But couldn't-- I'm English
So instead I made him tea and TOAST!"
(With Tracy in mind, I should think...)

Fashion Report:
Tim: Jeans, 70's terrycloth shirt .
Robyn: Looked like a loose-fitting linen shirt (white) and linen
trousers. Very smart. Changed for the encore into a paisley shirt.
Andy: Linen shirt. Jeans (I think).

Robyn plays at the 12 Bar again next Wed. I can't make that one, sadly.
He's with Morris and I'd love to see that one.

Finally, if anyone made a tape of the show, I'd love to have a copy.
Sadly, I haven't anything to trade (I have no live Robyn stuff at all!),
but I will (of course) pay for tapes and postage. (Toast optional)

Well that's it from the village of Lurker-On-Wallflower...

Look after yerselves...

-Ed, Doc, can't stop hearing "Clean Steve" in my headů

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