Robyn Hitchcock... Gigography

Robyn Hitchcock with Deni Bonet
Concert appearance: Fri., 9 Jan. 1998

West Hollywood, California US
Set 1

Set list:

Silver Dagger (Traditional, arr. Baez)
All That Money Wants (Psychedelic Furs)
Oh Yeah (Roxy Music)
The Yellow Snake (Incredible String Band)
Madonna of the Wasps
Jewels for Sophia
Viva Sea-Tac
I Feel Beautiful
Dark Princess
I Dream of Antwoman

Tim went on at about 9:30, decked out in a red sweatshirt and black
jeans, perched on a stool with his acoustic guitar. A short set, of less
than 40 minutes, where he didn't even do "Superkeen"; very good though.
Flyers were distributed advertising Homer's new "There There" single and
the acoustic CD, the details of which I'll post momentarily. A couple of
us Fegs managed to buy some of the very few CDs he brought along, much to
our collective delight.

After a somewhat too long break, Robyn emerged in purple trousers and a
green long sleeve shirt.

Silver Dagger
All That Money Wants
Oh Yeah
an Incredible String Band tune I don't know the title of... "Yellow
Snake" maybe?

Madonna Of The Wasps
Jewels For Sophia
Viva Sea Tac (to Tim: "Should we do EJ or VST?")

I Feel Beautiful
Dark Princess (with a Father Joseph pick)

Lovely. Robyn was in a good mood and had several good long stories in
there. I'm guessing rather wildly on the title of the first tune, as it
didn't really have a "hook," per se; 'twas a folky tune played without a
pick. He set the scene for that with a long spoken introduction, which
fused quite well with the song, which I suppose is new.

The Furs, Ferry, and String Band covers were a pleasant surprise also.
The set was shorter than I'd have liked, but we were satisfied. They
were a bit more cohesive as a band this time; no more leaning over to Jon
at the piano saying "OK, this one's in F sharp, and every so often goes
up to A. And the middle bit drops down to E flat." (an actual quote from
November.) I have to confess I'm somewhat of a fan of the more
thoroughly produced sound, and am really hopeful about the stuff recorded
with Jon.

Jon then had a set, during which he played many of the sa-a-ame things he
played last time. But he had some new toys, including a stuffed gorilla
which played (and danced) the Macarena. He turned it on and incorporated
it into something he played on the piano. Jon can get a bit
self-indulgent, but the man has talent and I can see why Robyn likes
having him in the studio. Anybody know where I can find that album by
the Grays?

Anyway, Jon, Robyn, and Tim reappeared for an all-too-brief wrap-up.
(For those of you keeping score at home, Robyn had switched to a green
T-shirt.) Again Robyn started with a long improvised story, this time
set to a minimalist score (or was it ambient?) by Jon and Tim. Then:
Sister Ray, Sweet Jane, an improv about Cheese, and an improv about being
garrotted. Ethan the drummer sprang onto the stage for part of that.
He's grown a beard since November.

This whole crew has been in the studio recording with Grant Lee Phillips
(except, I think, Ethan). They indicated that Grant has the flu, as does

They'll all be back tonight. We'll also get a set by, of all people,
Colin Hay. Ain't southern California great!

- Chris

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