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Robyn Hitchcock Homer
Concert appearance: Tue., 20 Aug. 1996

12 Bar
London, England UK

Set list:

Eerie Green Storm Lantern acoustic
Madonna of the Wasps
The Devil's Coachman
I Don't Remember Guildford
I'm Only You
I Something You
Glass Hotel
Where Do You Go When You Die?
Let's Go Thundering
I Am Not Me electric
Never Stop Bleeding
Encore: Heliotrope acoustic
Encore: Alright, Yeah enter Homer, switch to electric
Encore: De Chirico Street
Encore: Beautiful Queen
Encore: Queen of Eyes

To give Jonathan a break, I'm doing this week's report.

My first visit to the 12 Bar Club, and it must be the smallest venue I've ever
seen a gig in. Very intimate, very hot and lots of friendly people, including
a surprising (to me at least) number of Americans. (I'm not saying that I was
surprised that the Americans were friendly, but that they were there. Don't
want anyone to get offended :-) )
Stood next to Robyn at the bar. This presented me with the problem of what can
I possibly say to him that wouldn't sound completely stupid. Rather than
pretend I hadn't noticed him, the cowards way out, I asked him if there was
going to be a single from the new album. He said that there wasn't going to
be a single but there was some vinyl - I think he meant Mossy Liquor - end
of conversation. He walked off with a can of Guinness.

Support was from Homer. Quite enjoyable, but slightly depressing subject
matter in the lyrics.

Robyn's set was somewhat marred by the very drunk member of the audience
who was singing along very loudly and very out of tune with the bits of
songs that he could remember the words to. I don't think Robyn noticed, but
everyone else did. Fortunately, he didn't know many of the songs, and
disappeared for good during the electric portion of the set.

There were several new songs in the set, Robyn said he was getting them
ready for the film, and an album to be recorded in one day, IIRC.

Here is the set list, courtesy of Jonathan. New songs are marked with a * and
the titles may or may not be completely correct.

Acoustic -
Eerie Green Lanterns *
Madonna Of The Wasps
Devil's Coachman
No, I Don't Remember Guildford *
I'm Only You
I Something You
Glass Hotel
Where Do You Go When You Die *
Let's Go Thundering *

Electric -
I Am Not Me
Never Stop Bleeding
Freeze *

Encore -

Acoustic -

Then joined by most of Homer for the rest of the songs and took up electric
guitar -
Alright, Yeah
De Chirico St ('the first time I've played this with an electric guitar')
Beautiful Queen
Queen Of Eyes

Shirt report for the obsessives
Main set was a lizard shirt
Encore was plain white shirt
Rob C

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