Robyn Hitchcock... Gigography

Robyn Hitchcock and the Café Largo Bunch
Concert appearance: Sat., 28 Aug. 1999

West Hollywood, California US
setlist incomplete

Set list:

I Feel Beautiful
Cortez the Killer
I Dig a Pony (The Beatles)
I've Got a Feeling (The Beatles)
Ashes to Ashes (David Bowie)
Jealous Guy (John Lennon)
Madonna's a Loss (improv)
Pale Blue Eyes (Velvet Underground)

Saturday - The stage was decked out with a ludicrous amount of silver
trim, with a bright-colored "Happy Birthday, Grant" on the ceiling.
Comedian Paul F. Tompkins started the night, before Grant took the stage
for a great show.

What got really funny was when he decided to go for some interaction
with the audience. He plucked none other than feg Julie Burton out of
the audience, and used his psychic powers to predict things about her.
Meanwhile, Julie is doing everything possible to shy away from the
spotlight lest her lapel mic be noticed. The tiny handful of us who
knew what was happening were just dying with laughter.
Anyway, there was a five-foot-high cardboard birthday cake on the stage,
and when it came time to bring out guests, they burst out of the top of
the cake. The first special guest was, of course, Jon Brion. Jon made
a comment about how silly it was to call himself a special guest at
Largo. They continued for a while, before unveiling the second special
guest: Neil Finn! Neil and Grant went back and forth for a few songs,
with Jon accompanying on keyboards.

Next guest: David Lovering, the drummer of the Pixies. He did a bunch
of magic tricks, then left. It was rather surreal.

Now, about this time, I was standing in the back of the bar. Nearby was
Robyn, watching the show and drinking white wine. Grant looked at the
big cake and said, "I think it's about time to bring out the fourth
special guest. I hear an "Oh shit" come from Robyn's direction, and he
scampered off to the back entrance to the stage.

There was a bit more talk, allowing Robyn to get into position, before
he was summoned out of the cake.
There's not much more to say, as Grant was still the frontman for most
of the rest of the night. Neil was mercifully not forced behind the
drum set agin -- David Lovering was recalled. The quintet kept things
hopping for the rest of the night. Paul F. Tompkins was even brought
back up to sing a song.

All in all, a fun couple of nights, though not as Robyn-intensive as
some Largo experiences have been.

A little epilogue - while winding down after the long drive back home, I
flipped on the TV to Dr. Katz on Comedy Central. The person on the
couch? Yup, Paul F. Tompkins.

Looking forward to Bumbershoot reports,
- Chris

Unfortunately, my knowledge of Grant's music is about zero, even though
I've seen and met him several times at various Largo shows and in the
audience at Hitchcock shows. It leaves many gaps on this set list. Marc

Grant's Birthday
(Grant Lee Phillips, Paul F. Tompkins )
Mystery Guest #1--Jon Brion
Grant reads an audience member's mind.
Mystery Guest #2--Neil Finn
Mystery Guest #3--David Lovering (Pixies drummer)
Mystery Guest #4--Robyn Hitchcock (about 75 minutes into the show,
complete with a John Brion song
"Here Comes Robyn Hitchcock")
("mutable" rant)
1) I Feel Beautiful
2) ? (Grant Lee Phillips) ("...for Robyn & Michelle")
3) ? (another Grant song?)
Cortez the Killer (Neil Young) (no Robyn)
("Here Comes Robyn Hitchcock"(song))
4) I Dig a Pony (Beatles)
5) I've Got a Feeling (Beatles)
(Chatter, "happy birthday Valerie...")
6) Ashes to Ashes (Bowie)
7) ?(Shine the Light) (another Grant song?)
8) ? (another Grant song?)
9) Jealous Guy (Lennon)
10) Madonna's a Loss (Robyn, short improv)
( Inspector Virgo story--Robyn, then litany of Virgos)
11) Pale Blue Eyes (Velvet Underground)

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