Robyn Hitchcock... Gigography

Robyn Hitchcock's ROCK ARMADA
Concert appearance: Wed., 27 Oct. 1999

Baltimore, Maryland US
released as "Inflatable Hitchcock" bootleg CD

Set list:

Mexican God solo acoustic
The Devil's Coachman solo acoustic
Wax Doll solo acoustic
1974 solo acoustic
I Saw Nick Drake
Viva! Sea-Tac
Sinister But She Was Happy
Jewels for Sophia
The Cheese Alarm
Madonna of the Wasps
Queen of Eyes
Sleeping with Your Devil Mask
Encore: The Speed of Things solo electric
Encore: Insanely Jealous
Encore: City of Shame
Encore: No, I Don't Remember Guildford
Encore: Beautiful Queen
Encore: Elizabeth Jade

Length: 94

Highlights: Kimberley's stunning guitar work on "sinister" and others;
very nice tour manager Ryan Carey arranging soundboard access for me;
seeing Eddie again; the best "$2.25 Chik sandwich" i ever had; Robyn looking
like he was having a blast playing with a band again; getting to see
Linsay doing the hand claps on "J4S"; being transported by "Insanely
Jealous"; Devil Mask, Oceanside; Beautiful Queen with a new rocking outtro
before the ahhhs, the list goes on!

Lowlights: Being in ground zero of the Robyn/Kimberley Fender arms race
(my ears ring still); the soundman making a few boo-boos with my tape
(don't worry, it came out ok); barely missing Melissa who i was
supposed to give a ride (hope everything worked out ok); forgetting to
get a shirt for hollie (I'll get you one in Philly); not much else! It was

Eddie's four-word review of two previous shows pretty much sums it up.
This is the way to see Robyn, up close and personal, and an energetic band
makes it all the better. Even Sea-Tac and Cheese Alarm, which I am
indifferent to on the CD (though that cheese alarm intro sounds great in
surround sound), were amazing live. The thumpin' bass line turned sea-tac
into a wild hoedown.

Robyn is encouraging taping this tour, so bring your recorder, and keep
the reviews and setlists coming. If you would, put [rb] at the start of
your subject line (as I did above) if you would like your post to be
incorporated into Robynbase. I reserve the right to do so anyway if you
don't use the [rb] tag, though, unless you specifically tell me not to.

David and I both noted that Robyn played three songs from queen elvis, the
album he recently referred to as the one "you can't get anymore... maybe
that's a good thing." I guess, like _...decay_, he likes some songs from
it a lot, others not at all.

Eddie is doing his duty, giving Robyn the list of songs people want to
hear, etc, so three cheers for Ed as he makes his way around the U.S..

I think cassettes should go the way of the dodo, so write me if you want


ps. Robyn passed right by me at the bar and I didn't even notice. *Damn*
that was a good sandwich....
To echo others this show was fantastic. Robyn was in great spirits and blinked
with abandon. He wore black shoes (could've been boots, but couldn't tell) very
well polished. Navy blue pants with lots of pockets. An orange-brown shirt with
lots of green salamanders. Lastly the 2.25 chicken sandwich was great.


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