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Author: Robyn Hitchcock

Released on 5 records:

Invisible Hitchcock, 1995  (CD)  Sequel Records RSA CD 825
Invisible Hitchcock, 1995  (CD)  Rhino Records R2 71840
Invisible Hitchcock, 1986  (CD)  Glass Fish Records MOIST 2 CD
Bells of Rhymney, 1984  (Vinyl 12")  Plane 88426
Bells Of Rhymney, 1984  (Vinyl 12")  Midnight Music DONG 8


It's not the wind
That blows me in
I've been blown away once before

It's not the rain
That brings the pain
I don't feel the pain anymore

If I had seen it coming
Then I'd've done something
But hear the branches in the wind

All I can give you
All I can give you
Are the falling leaves

It got too late
I couldn't wait
At least not for you anymore

And now the moon
Shines on the dune
Where I walk alone on the shore

It's like an amputation
Since I lost you, my friend
You hurt me like a missing limb

All I can give you
All I can give you
Are the falling leaves

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Known to have been played live at 1 gigs:

Nigel and the Crosses:
7th St. Entry (Minneapolis, Minnesota US), 3/8/1989 with Peters Buck and Holsapple, Morris, Andy (Concert)

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