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Author: Robyn Hitchcock

Released on 11 records:

Underwater Moonlight. . . And How It Got There, 2001  (CD)  Oak Tree PCD-5630/1
Underwater Moonlight. . . And How It Got There, 2001  (Vinyl LP)  Matador DNA 500
Underwater Moonlight. . . And How It Got There, 2001  (CD)  Matador DNA 500
The Soft Boys 1976-1981, 1993  (CD)  Rykodisc RCD 10234
Underwater Moonlight, 1992  (CD)  Rykodisc RCD 20232
Underwater Moonlight, 1990  (CD)  Glass Fish Records MOIST 1 CD
Underwater Moonlight, 1987  (Vinyl LP)  Base Records GI LP 6
Underwater Moonlight, 1986  (Vinyl LP)  Living Cream Records MOIST 1
Underwater Moonlight, 1980  (Vinyl LP)  Roof Records 133 026
Underwater Moonlight, 1980  (Vinyl LP)  Attic Records LAT 1103
Underwater Moonlight, 1980  (Vinyl LP)  Armageddon Records ARM 1


Positive vibrations shine through all creation
Positive vibrations unite all the nations

There you go drillin' for peace
Don't you know you'll never get peace anymore?
Just get war

Positive vibrations, they call at all stations
Forget your paranoia it'll only destroy ya

There you go killing the lamb
Don't you know you're still in the pram
What a waste

Positive vibrations

There you are you do it to me
I feel like oil that burns in the sea
It gets hot, never stops

Positive vibrations shine through all creation
Positive vibrations shine through all creation
Vibrations vibrations vibrations vibrations
Vibrations vibrations vibrations vibrations
Vibrations vibrations vibrations vibrations

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Known to have been played live at 3 gigs:

The Soft Boys:
Hope & Anchor (Islington, England UK), 3/28/1980 (Concert)
The Soft Boys: Africa Centre Brainlode Benefit (London, England UK), 5/22/1980 (Concert)
The Soft Boys: Club Eighties (New York, New York US), 9/5/1980 (Concert)

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