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Author: Robyn Hitchcock

Released on 2 records:

You & Oblivion, 1995  (CD)  Sequel Records RSA CD 827
You & Oblivion, 1995  (CD)  Rhino Records R2 71842


I'll find a way
To make you see
Just what your love
Has done for me

Right from my skin
Down to my bones
September Cones
September Cones

The horses tramp
Beneath the tree
Their breath is mist
It seems to me
They're solid ghosts
Each one alone
September Cones
September Cones

The phonebox glows
Beside the sea
There's no one there
But you and me
So let's make love
In the ozone
September Cones
September Cones

And when she's lonely 25
She just gazes in the glass
And when she's lonely
She just counts the blades of grass

The glider crashed
Into the hill
Where your time stopped
My time stood still
And overhead
A bomber drones
September Cones
September Cones

Here comes a boy
He's looking pale
He's growing horns
He's grown a tail
He needs a love
To call his own
September Cones
September Cones
September Cones
September Cones

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Known to have been played live at 7 gigs:

Robyn Hitchcock & the Egyptians:
Tower Records (New York, New York US), 4/4/1988 (In-Store)
Robyn Hitchcock: McCabe's (Santa Monica, California US), 5/25/1990 (Concert)
Robyn Hitchcock: St. Catherine's Hill (Winchester, England UK), 6/21/1990 and Morris Windsor (Concert)
Robyn Hitchcock: Crest Theatre (Sacramento, California US), 7/6/1990 (Concert)
Robyn Hitchcock: Tramps (New York, New York US), 10/4/1990 (Concert) (cuts)
Robyn Hitchcock: Maxwell's (Hoboken, New Jersey US), 1/9/2004 Deni Bonet (Concert)
Robyn Hitchcock: Maxwell's (Hoboken, New Jersey US), 11/14/2004 (Concert)

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