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Author: Robyn Hitchcock
Performed by: Soft Boys
Alternate Title(s): The D Song; Unknown Title

Released on 3 records:

Underwater Moonlight. . . And How It Got There, 2001  (Vinyl LP)  Matador DNA 500
Underwater Moonlight. . . And How It Got There, 2001  (CD)  Matador DNA 500
1980 Rehearsals, 1987  (Vinyl 7")  Black Snake Records NR 17037

Matthew Seligman notes at 'That song called 'Goodbye Maurice or Steve' wasn't called that incidentally, we just used to call it 'D song' Morris says and Robyn points out later that that was a song that got left behind simply because it didn't have a title. If it had, it would probably have ended up recorded properly.'


Hey, but you cannot arrest it
Fate, no-one came to test it
Our love, and pour some in the freezer

All of the people I know
Don't say goodbye when they go

Well, you dare to call it justice
The wait trying to find a bust is
Head, see it lyin' open

Everything that you do
Seems to bounce back against you

What can you say?
You're burning her fast
So follow her teeth
She swallowed it all
She turned it on, hey

Fear been all 'round the world
Say that you're the fat man's girl
Do me a favor 
Come on 'round tonight

Everybody I like
Seems to wind up on a spike

Ahh, ahh, ahhh

Bye Bye

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