Robyn Hitchcock... Gigography

Robyn Hitchcock with Minus 5
Concert appearance: Mon., 27 Feb. 2006

San Francisco, California US

Set list:

Gigolo Aunt (Syd Barrett) solo acoustic
Aquarium solo acoustic
One Long Pair of Eyes solo acoustic
Beautiful Girl solo acoustic
If You Were a Priest electric w/ Minus 3
Acid Bird electric w/ Minus 3
When I Was a Kid electric w/ Minus 3
Ole Tarantula electric w/ Minus 3
Madonna of the Wasps electric w/ Minus 3
A Man's Got to Know His Limitations, Briggs electric w/ Minus 3
Somewhere Apart electric w/ Minus 3
Sally Was a Legend electric w/ Minus 3
Creeped Out electric w/ Minus 3
Underground Sun electric w/ Minus 3
Beautiful Queen electric w/ Minus 3
Driving Aloud (Radio Storm) electric w/ Minus 3
Encore: Cigarettes, Coffee & Booze (Minus 5) w/ Minus 5, Scott lead vocal
Encore: Eight Miles High (Byrds) w/ Minus 5
Encore: I Wanna Destroy You w/ Minus 5
Encore: Listening to the Higsons w/ Minus 5, Peter drums

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Great show last night in San Francisco...

...Minus 5 came out and cranked through a rocking set of faves.
I probably could have written a setlist if I'd thought about it,
but it was a good mixture of songs from "...War Against Music...",
"Down With Wilco" and the current album. I was bummed that Ken
Stringfellow wasn't in the band 'cuz his keyboards and vocals add a
nice touch to their sound. At one point Scott said something along
the lines of "this one's for Ken Stringfellow, wherever he is". Made
me think there was a falling out. ??

Between sets I weaseled my way to the front of the stage and
positioned myself to Robyn's left and Pete's right, with a clear view
of the drum kit. Robyn came out first and ran through his acoustic
numbers, reminiscing about recording at Hyde Street and the fact that
the "Eye" master tapes are still over there. Blah blah, plug in already.
On came Scott, Peter and Bill to thunderous applause, opened with "If
You Were A Priest" and never let up from then on. I've been looking at
the recent set lists and it's funny how my eyes just go through the songs
and I go "yeah...ok...uh huh...check...sounds good..." etc..., but being
there while they create the jangly atmosphere of "Acid Bird" and tear the
house down on "Driving Aloud" just makes me so glad I went, and didn't
pussy out by dismissing it as just another gig. The trio of "Sally Was A
Legend"/"Creeped Out American Girl"/"Undergound Sun" was an unexpected rock
fest that had everyone grooving.

The encore was great with M5's John Ramberg returning to the stage for the
duration. Scott definitely nailed the bass line to "Eight Miles High" and
it was especially cool to have Pete Buck standing not four feet from me
playing it on a Roger McGuinn Limited Edition Rickenbacker 12-string.
After the band left the stage, the house lights came on and the techs
started packing up the mics. All of a sudden Pete and Scott jumped back up
and told the guys they want to do one more song. Everyone went ballistic
as Pete sat behind the drum kit and Bill picked up the bass. As Scott
started strumming the opening chords of "Listening to The Higsons", Pete was
practically standing up trying to get his attention. With a demented fire
in his eyes, Pete was slamming the drumsticks together like "faster faster!
play faster!!" They finally got the song off the ground with Robyn - sans
guitar - singing and doing his goofy, arm waving, dancing.
After the show Scott, Pete and Robyn hung out at the merch booth
signing stuff while Bill and John helped pack up. I managed to snag
a set list and have everybody sign it, which was a bit fanboy, but
cool nonetheless:

All in all I couldn't think of a better way to spend a rainy night in
San Francisco.


p.s. Pete Buck is just ambivalent toward me now. Isn't that worse
than outright hatred?

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