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Author: Robyn Hitchcock

Released on 5 records:

Olé! Tarantula, 2006  (CD)  Belmore Bel 016
Embryo Twirl (Olé! Tarantula bonus disc), 2006  (CD single)  Yep Roc Yep 2804
Olé! Tarantula, 2006  (CD)  Proper
Olé! Tarantula, 2006  (CD)  Oak Tree DDCJ5007
Olé! Tarantula, 2006  (CD)  Yep Roc YEP 2129

Robyn Hitchcock Says: CK: Talking about some of the songs on the album - "Underground Sun" is
a great song.

RH: Thank you.

CK: It was about a friend of yours who died?

RH: Yeah, she died last year - she’d been ill for a long time. But she
was a very upbeat person, so I just wanted to.. Again, it wasn’t very
conscious - I didn’t sit down and say, "Well, I’m going to write a eulogy
for her." But I found that what came up was a quite snappy kind of
fresh-air song, if you like. I was trying to get a sound between R.E.M.
and the Soft Boys, but to me it sounds more like Oasis. [laughs]

CK: I guess I could see that.

RH: But with the Byrds harmonies, which I love, with the other guys.
Because Chris went in and did one harmony, and then Sean came in and
said, "Huh, OK" - like making a move in chess, he listened to what Chris
did and thought, "Oh, right," then came in and did something else.
Lovely interlocking vocal part. Then Morris Windsor listened to it back
up in Cardiff and put some lovely high notes on it. I enjoyed that.

[September, 2006]

thanks to Chris Kocher, Gannett News Service for the interview excerpt


Stand in the water
with your red 'n' white bikini dots
Telling  your daughter
This is where we are and what we've got

I know you're there
I can relive you
Silhouetting on the golden sea
I feel with you
Even though I know
You're not with me

Underground sun
Underground sun
I miss you

You lie so lonely
Listening to the silence of the graves
You don't belong there
You belong down south among the waves

Underground sun
Underground sun
I miss you

One for the girl that went away
Two for the girl that went astray
Three is in between you

Underground sun
I miss you
I miss you

Underground sun
Underground sun
Underground sun

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Known to have been played live at 13 gigs:

Robyn Hitchcock:
Crystal Ballroom (Portland, Oregon US), 9/8/2005 Peter Buck, Scott McCaughey, Bill Rieflin (Concert)
Robyn Hitchcock & Minus 3: Rescue Rooms (Nottingham, England UK), 1/21/2006 (Concert)
Robyn Hitchcock & Minus 3: Komedia (Brighton, England UK), 1/23/2006 w/ Tim Keegan (Concert)
Robyn Hitchcock: BBC2 (London, England UK), 1/24/2006 (Radio)
Robyn Hitchcock & Minus 3: Scala (London, England UK), 1/25/2006 (Concert)
Robyn Hitchcock & Minus 3: secret gig in unknown London location (London, England UK), 1/31/2006 w/ Morris Windsor, John Paul Jones, Paul Noble, Ruby Wright (Concert)
Robyn Hitchcock with Minus 5: Belly Up Tavern (Solana Beach, California US), 2/23/2006 (Concert) w/ Minus 5
Robyn Hitchcock with Minus 5: Slim's (San Francisco, California US), 2/27/2006 (Concert) electric w/ Minus 3
Robyn Hitchcock with Minus 5: Sam Bond's (Eugene, Oregon US), 3/2/2006 (Concert)
Robyn Hitchcock with Minus 5: Doug Fir Lounge (Portland, Oregon US), 3/3/2006 Sean Nelson (Concert)
Robyn Hitchcock with Minus 5: Crocodile Café (Seattle, Washington US), 3/4/2006 (Concert) w/ The Minus Five
Robyn Hitchcock & Venus 3: FAB (Tokyo, Japan), 10/6/2006 w/ The Minus 5 & Morgan Fisher (Concert)
Robyn Hitchcock & Venus 3: FAB (Tokyo, Japan), 10/8/2006 w/ The Minus 5 & Morgan Fisher (Concert)

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